How To Make Your School Chromebook Keyboard Light Up?

If you have struggled enough looking for how to make your school Chromebook keyboard light up and haven’t found the best solution yet, you should end your search here. Because you already have arrived at the best place to get your answer. In this post, you will learn how you can turn on your school Chromebook keyboard and light it up.

You will also learn if you can reduce or increase the brightness of your Chromebook keyboard. It is pretty simple and easy to have the exact things to do. But at first, it might be looking a little difficult for you. Believe me. It is not.


So, have a cup of tea for yourself and start your day with me. And if you will end it at having lunch with me, you would completely have learned how to make your school Chromebook keyboard light up.

Let’s take a start and get this conversation started!

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Does Your School Chromebook Have A Backlit Keyboard?

Before you actually learn the process of lighting your keyboard up, you must be sure about whether your Chromebook possesses a keyboard that lights up or not.


Because trying something like that without finding the main feature would not be appropriate as it will just waste your time.

Therefore, if you have a school Chromebook from any brand without, whether from ASUS, Google, Or Hp, you must make sure that it has a keyboard that would light up when you want it to.

However, to confirm whether your Chromebook has a backlit keyboard, you can use the instructional manual to provide you with enough information on this type of specifications.


So, open the specifications of your laptop model or search them online in order to make sure that your laptop is coming with a backlit keyboard. It should be easy and quick to do when searching for information like this.

Moreover, you have the easiest way to know whether your Chromebook has a backlit. Or not is to confirm with the function keys, including the F10, F6, or any arrow.

These buttons or any other would-be have a backlit sign on it, making sure that your laptop has a backlit keyboard.

And if you don’t find any sign on any button that should indicate the keyboard is backlit, you should know that your Chromebook or laptop is not equipping one.

How Do You Turn On The Backlit Keyboard On Your School Chromebook?

Depending on the brand of the Chromebook, it is easier to turn on the backlit keyboard on your Chromebook. It is just a game of pressing some simple keys. And you are good to go doing a thing like this.

Therefore, here are some simple steps you would need to apply to turn on the backlit keyboard on your Chromebook.

Method 1: Locating The Keyboard Backlit Indication Button:

Take a deeper look at your Chromebook keyboard. And try to find something over the keyboard buttons that must be looking a little different.

It will be a button with an indication of the moon showing that your laptop has a backlit keyboard.

Therefore, you can turn the keyboard backlight on. And let it light up by pressing either the Fn+ that key or Alt + that key with the keyboard backlit indication.

When you press these keys, your backlit keyboard will turn on, eventually helping you work inside the dark environments. And you can do anything you want.

It is a good option for study purposes if you have a backlit keyboard in your Chromebook.

Method 2: Using The Keyboard Brightness Keys:

Sometimes, your backlit keyboard lights up automatically. Still, it can’t provide you with enough light so that it must be transparent and can be seen in the daylight.

Therefore you should not be worried about this one also.

Because you can reduce or increase the brightness of your backlit keyboard on your Chromebook if you know how to do it exactly.

Below are the steps you can apply to change your laptop’s keyboard brightness.

Increase The Brightness–To increase the brightness, press the Alt + brightness up icon. Try pressing it one or two times to get the maximum brightness you want on your laptop keyboard.

Decrease The Brightness–On the other hand, if you want to decrease the brightness of your laptop, you should, or you can use the Alt + brightness down key, and it will do the job properly. In this way, you will be able to increase or decrease the brightness of your Chromebook backlit keyboard.

It is pretty easy because all you have to do can be done using the keyboards, and it’s nothing that you cannot learn.

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Wrapping It Up:

At this point, I can believe that you have completely learned how to make your school Chromebook keyboard light up. There are no hard and fast rules you need to follow for doing this. Just a couple of steps, and you are good to go.

Therefore, try these keys and check if this helps. However, please do not use the comment box and let me know your problem. Because I am here to solve them and guide you completely.

On all odds, thanks for reading and the attention you have given here. Keep visiting for more. Have a nice day!

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