How to Get iMessage on Chromebook?-(Follow 4 Easy Ways)

For iPhone chatting through Chromebook, the user must know how to get iMessage on Chromebook?IMessage is a text service facility by Apple Company. Like many other mobiles, iPhone also provides its users to chat through texts.

Text messages play a vital role in connecting with people. It is also referred to as a modern way of letters. Similarly, you can contact any person by writing a message. For availing of this facility, the user requires the phone number of the other party.


However, with the advancement in technology, iMessages are possible through Chromebook. For connecting iMessage with Chromebook, you need some apps. There are different apps and methods for this facility. After installing these apps, the users can get access their imessages on their Chromebook.

How to Get iMessage on Chromebook?-[Follow This]

Two things are required for getting iMessages on Chromebook. One is a Chromebook and the other is iPhone. Being an iPhone user you must know how to get iMessage on Chromebook. This facility helps a lot with connecting people. Also, you do not need to carry multiple devices. Simply one device can serve both functions at a time.

Following methods can help in getting iMessage on Chromebook. 


Chrome Desktop App

Chromebook provides an easy Chromebook desktop app. This app works remotely. By using this app, you can get access to other devices. Also, this application allows you to connect with your iPhone. By using a chrome browser the user can control their iPhones.

This software is easy to handle. Moreover, it does not include any complicated conditions. It is easy to use while connecting with Apple products. For using this facility the user needs to download the app. Besides this, the application is easily available on all web stores.

The user needs to add this app on both devices. It includes both, Chromebook and iPhone. After that, you need to turn on the app. For this, click on the green button option of app launch.


Furthermore, you need to adjust the chrome remote desktop app. After that, develop a connection between the two devices. It requires a code mentioned on your device’s screen. 

After establishing the connection properly you can avail the facility. This connection allows the user to access their iMessages on their Chromebook. This remote facility helps in connecting with people via texts.

Blue Bubble App

Another application for connecting iMessage s on Chromebook is the blue bubble app. However, this app involves a lengthy procedure. But this is a very helpful application. For this app to work you need to sync your contacts with your iPhone. After that, download the blue bubble app on your iPhone.

Furthermore, open the DMG files and add the app to the application folder. You must need to click on the privacy and security tab for proceeding. Checked your app. Moreover, enter the password. Select the SMS support choice from the menu as a desktop user. Add your account on the console firebase website and continue it.

After that, click on create database option, start the locked option and permit it. Register your account on this website for getting the services. This is all required for an apple product. Now move to the Chromebook.

Download the same app on your Chromebook. Enter the already-set password to continue. After that, connect both devices by following the guidelines. When the process will complete, the user will be able to get iMessages on Chromebook.

Pushbullet App

Pushbullet is another app widely used app. It helps in connecting iMessages to Chromebook. Also, like other apps the user needs to download this. First, download this app on your iPhone. Install it on the device and connect it with your Gmail. It also allows connecting with Facebook.

After the authentication process, get to agree with all terms and conditions. This process allows you to operate on your device. Furthermore, the next step involves Chromebook installation. Download and install the Pushbullet app with the same procedure. 

Furthermore, add the app as your extension. Establish the connection with the device. After clicking on the pushbullet icon select the messages option. This procedure connects your iMessages with Chromebook. Besides this, the app is easy to use and provides advanced massage services.

IOS Data Recovery Software

It is third-party recovery software for iMessages on Chromebook. The user needs to install the app into the device. This app is also easily available on all web stores. This app is considered user-friendly. Moreover, its innovative features add a plus to its services.

After that, install the app, click on the recover form IOS option. For using this app user needs to connect the devices with a data cable. Users can also use a USB cable for creating a connection. Afterwards, connect the iPhone with a Chromebook by using a data cable.

Furthermore, let the software analyze your devices properly. Then, select the message option to continue the process. Click the recover option. This step will open multiple tabs. Among all select the needed option. Then, extract the required data from the given option.

Now you can access your iMessages on Chromebook. In addition, this app requires a connection fee for messages as well. It does not work free as other apps. Besides this, this application does not work at outside locations.


IMessages on Chromebook create convenience for the users. You can get connected with your loved ones by using a single device. These advanced facilities help a lot in developing conversations. It also reduces the long distances.

This article mentioned different methods of how to get iMessage on Chromebook?. By using these apps users can connect iMessages with Chromebook. They are easy to install and use. The users must give it a try for getting innovative services. 

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