Samsung Chromebook Black Screen-How Do You Fix It?

If you are experiencing a black screen on your Samsung Chromebook when you turn it on, you might be looking to fix the Samsung Chromebook black screen. And if you do so, you have landed on the best place to find this out. Because today, in this comprehensive piece of content, I am gonna teach you through several steps to recover this problem. 

Moreover, I will be answering some relative questions to this query you might already have in your mind. It will be a detailed post, and that’s why I need your complete focus and attention. 


So, make sure you have provided what I asked and start reading with me. Because at the end of the day, you will not only be able to solve this problem. 

But you will have more knowledge on how you manage this type of stuff with your virtual devices. Let’s dive!

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What Is A Black Screen On A Chromebook? 

Just in case you don’t have much idea on what a black screen is on a Chromebook like Samsung, you should know that it is the worst situation you can face with your laptop.


A black screen on a Chromebook is a bad sign. It indicates that the device is having problems, and there’s a chance that the Chromebook may not be able to power back up, or at least not all the way. 

It typically occurs when the device is not shut down properly or when the device is experiencing some hardware failure. 

There are also several reasons for this to figure out when you will keep reading. 


What Causes The Black Screen On A Samsung Chromebook?

As I have told you before, there could be multiple reasons for this happening since it is alarming.

It doesn’t matter if you have a Samsung Chromebook, Acer, or other. When the black screen issue has to happen, it happens.

Nobody can stop it. Therefore, I have made a list of some pretty good reasons for this happening that will help you figure out how to tackle this type of problem with your Chromebook or any other laptop. These reasons are given as.

  • The black screen on a Samsung Chromebook could happen because of no internet connectivity.
  • It must also occur due to having less or low memory available.
  • There could be a frozen application inside the system that has made the laptop display a black screen.
  • There might be any corrupt files or any kind of system crashes. The Chromebook could also go to die.
  • Except this, you might experience malware or viruses, No updated Graphics drivers, and BIOS, and there could be other reasons as well.

Is It Something You Should Worry About?

You shouldn’t until the problem is fixed by applying all the methods you know. However, it gets recovered most of the time by doing the things I will tell you in the next step. 

Plus, sometimes, the system reboots itself and fixes the problem. Otherwise, if you don’t be able to figure this out even after applying all the methods of fixing a Samsung Chromebook, the problem could be with the hardware itself. 

And for this, you must visit any nearby computer repairing store or contact your device maintaining service provider. 

So, How To Fix A Samsung Chromebook With A Black Screen

Since you have already got the problem of black screen on your Chromebook, you can go for the specific methods I am gonna describe below to fix this problem.

I hope that any of these will help you out, and you will be able to figure this out. Please take a look!

Method 1: Performing A Hard Reset:

It basically works by eliminating the connection between the applications running on your Chromebook and its BIOS.

When you perform such a thing, your Chromebook feels a new soul in it and usually comes back to work. So, to perform this, you can try the following steps.

  • First, press and keep holding the power button on your Samsung Chromebook. During this time, also press the reload or refresh button.
  • Once pressed, you need to release these buttons, and then your Chromebook will power off and power on again after 10 to 15 seconds. However, if it doesn’t turn on by itself, you can press the power button again.

Suppose this fixes the issue, then good. But if not, move to the next step!

Method 2: Giving A Powerwash: 

A factory reset or a powerwash is the best solution you can have for cleaning the mess that happened with your Chromebook, which is not letting it turn on.

It will remove all the data from your Chromebook and then make you download all the required applications again.

But it usually fixes the problem with a Samsung Chromebook having a black screen. However, to learn how to perform a power wash, you can head towards the post of Powerwash Vs Reset I have already written for you!

Method 3: Plugging In The Charger: 

You might be curious about how this short trick will solve the problem of your Samsung Chromebook black screen. But you have to accept that it really works most of the time. Therefore, you can do the following things for putting life back into your blacked screen Chromebook.

First, you should close the lid of your Chromebook. Once done, plug the charger into the wall socket and its charging adapter into your Samsung Chromebook’s Charging Port.

Next, turn on the electrical button and see if the green light makes sure that your Chromebook is getting charged. Once confirmed, you need to click the power button to turn it on. Hopefully, you will be able to see that impressive Google Logo in the display available at your front!

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Final Thoughts:

I can make sure that if you follow the above-described steps, you will be able to fix the Samsung Chromebook black screen issue in no time. There are other methods as well, but these are highly recommended ones to some extent.

Therefore, you must try these to see if any of these fix the problem. But if not, you will always have the option of seeking a computer expert or repairer. And I do hope that he will solve the problem.

Summoning it up, keep visiting the website to find more on Chromebooks and other quality laptops. Hence, making this thing a promise, let’s see you on another one.

Until then, take care of yourself and have a good day!

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