How To Highlight Text On Chromebook?-Let’s Make It Simple

Chromebook is officially an operating system and cloud-based, which Google maintains. A Chromebook uses an operating system, supports limited apps, and access the internet. Still, it is cheap because it will have limited access to the programs and data. Google’s web browser, Chrome, is at the heart of Chromebook. That is why Chromebook and Chrome are connected. However, sometimes we are unaware of doing things even on a simpler laptop like this. I mean to say, just look for yourself as you might be looking for how to highlight text on Chromebook? Don’t you? Because if you really do, I am here to help you and sort this out. 

So, forget about everything else and start reading with me. Because in the below section, I have gathered some simple ways for highlighting, copying, and pasting your selected text on a Chromebook you have. 


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Different ways for highlighting text on a Chromebook: 

Just in case I figured out that you are desperately looking for an easy guide onto something like this, let’s make you learn how to do so in some simple steps. 

I have done deep research and found some easy ways to highlight the text on your Chromebook. 

So, please keep reading as it won’t take much longer to learn this art. The following ways will help you highlight the text on a laptop, Chromebook, PC, MacBook, or any other device you have. 


Method 1: Highlighting Text On A Chromebook Using Your Mouse:

It’s pretty simple, highlighting the text on your Chromebook using the mouse. All you need to do is pair a mouse with your laptop, and once the mouse starts working, you can use it for highlighting, copying, or pasting text from one place to the other. 

For highlighting the text, you want to highlight on your Chromebook, place the cursor of your mouse at the beginning of the paragraph. 

Then click the right button and keep dragging until the ending point you want to highlight. There is no limit as you can select as much text as possible using the mouse. 


Moreover, you can use the Ctrl + C, and Ctrl + V commands for copying and pasting the text from one place to another. 

Method 2: Highlighting Text With The Help Of Mouse Pad/Touchpad: 

If your Chromebook has a touchpad, you can highlight the text. For this, you will need to touch two times on your laptop’s touchpad. 

You must make sure the beginning of the paragraph or line you want to highlight. Click on it twice as once, and on the second time, keep dragging the cursor till the ending point of the text you want to take under the highlight. 

It will be easier to highlight the text on your Chromebook. 

Method 3: Using A Mouse Button For Selecting The Text: 

Your mouse button can also do the job of highlighting the text on your Chromebook. Just click with the right button given on your mouse or touchpad. 

All you will need to do is just give it a click, and your desired text will be selected. 

Method 4: Using The Keyboard And Mouse For Highlighting Text On A Chromebook:

You can use the combination of a mouse and a keyboard to highlight the text on your Chromebook. 

For this, you will need to move the cursor at the beginning of the point from where you want to start highlighting the text. 

Now, you should start highlighting it and moving the cursor by holding the Shift key. You will see that your text will be highlighted as far as you take the cursor on your laptop screen.

Through this, you can drag through long documents and highlight as much text as you want. 

Method 5: Highlighting The Text On A Chromebook By Highlighter Extension: 

Want some color in your highlighted text? Why not? And you should because it makes marking the most important things easier. 

Therefore, you can do this thing by using a chrome extension. The extension you will use for accomplishing this task is named Highlighter. You can use this highlighter and install the extension on your Chrome browser. 

So, whenever for the next time you are gonna read an essential piece of content, you can also mark it blue, red, or any color you would love to use. 

Method 6: Using The Chrome Settings On Your Chromebook: 

Here is another thing you can try to improve the readability when reading something on your Google Chrome. It will let you highlight the part of that text you are currently focusing on. 

The good news is, this feature can also work with either mouse or a keyboard on your Chromebook or any other laptop you have in the house. 

Therefore, you can do the following things to highlight the specific part of a particular page you are reading on your chrome. 

  • First of all, you need to open Google Chrome On your Computer or laptop. 
  • You need to click on the Chrome menu to head towards the Settings. Once opened, you can do the next step. 
  • You should select the Advanced and then Accessibility function in the next step. Once selected, you are good to go for turning on this feature. 
  • So just click on the “Show a Quick Highlight On The Focused Object” Option, and you are all set to go.

It will let you highlight the text next time you are using or reading on your Chromebook while google chrome is opened. 

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Final Thoughts: 

Highlighting a text on a Chromebook is nothing except using your keyboard, mouse, or touchpad in a perfect way for selecting the desired text. You can drag your cursor and select as much text as you want. Besides this, you can use the command of Ctrl + A and select the whole page at once. Therefore, I hope that you have learned how to highlight text on Chromebook if you have followed this guide to this end. If you have more questions, you can ask in the comment box.

Much obliged for your time and attention. Have a pretty good day to you. 

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