Is A Swollen Laptop Battery Dangerous? What Should You Know?

Are you looking for the answer to the question about is a swollen laptop battery dangerous and didn’t find any appropriate one yet?

Because if you didn’t do so, you have come to the right place to find the answer to all of your queries regarding this. Laptop batteries work just fine until any problem attacks them.


These problems are quite disturbing when you don’t know how to figure them out and sort them out. Because with a swollen battery, anything could happen to your laptop, which can either damage it or burn it down in an instant while.

So, do not panic if you haven’t figured out about is a swollen laptop battery dangerous. Just grab the patience and start reading with me till the end.

Let’s get started and figure this problem out completely!


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What Do We Mean By Swollen Laptop Battery?

Before you go for the safety concern with the swollen battery inside your laptop, you must know what you exactly meant by swelling?

It is important to note that not every slow charging battery could be swollen and not every battery should be termed this.

So, basically, a swollen laptop battery is one that has been overcharged, overheated, or has a manufacturing defect. If a lithium-ion battery is overcharged, the excess energy in the battery is being stored as heat.


As the battery heats up, it expands, and the pressure increases. Eventually, it will bulge and even leak. If a battery overheats, it can also swell.

The excess heat causes the internal pressure to build. Some laptops have vents that keep the battery cool and equalize the pressure. A laptop will only swell if the vent is blocked or a manufacturing defect.

I hope that this information will be enough to provide you with the details about a battery that has been swollen. Now, once you have known this, let’s move to the second portion of the article.

Is A Swollen Laptop Battery Dangerous?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is a bare Yes. I mean to say that there should not be any scenario where you are using a swollen battery inside your laptop.

Because, yes, it is dangerous, and you can lose your important asset if your laptop’s battery has gone swollen quite a long ago.

Moreover, A swollen laptop battery is not a user-friendly situation. Tech-savvy laptop users know that a laptop battery will stop working once it gets swollen.

It is because the battery wraps may rip apart, or the internal parts of the battery can burst out.

The swelling is a result of a chemical reaction occurring within the battery. This kind of reaction can ruin your laptop battery and even the laptop itself.

A swollen laptop battery should be immediately replaced by a trusted laptop battery shop.

Why Could Any Laptop Battery Get Swollen?

There are several reasons if your laptop battery has been swollen. It is undoubtedly a problematic situation when you face this problem with your machine.

So, these things happen for very transparent reasons.

Actually, you know that swollen Laptop Batteries are not safe to keep. Hence, users need to replace Swollen laptop batteries as early as possible.

  1. More or less, there are three main causes for battery swell up.
  2. Entire battery pack overheating
  3. Battery swelling in individual cells
  4. Issues with the battery cells or the battery packs in general. If the battery pack overheated, then it might have caused the swelling.

If the individual cell swelling occurs, it is most likely that the battery pack is damaged. Therefore, it might be necessary to replace the battery pack.

How To Prevent A Laptop Battery From Swelling?

If you want to know how to keep your laptop’s battery safe in order to prevent it from swelling, you are still good at doing so.

You just have to make sure the following things. You will have 90 percent chances that you will not experience swelling with the current battery of your laptop.

It only happens when you apply the things I will tell you below. So, take a look, please!

Never Overcharge Your Laptop’s Battery:

The way you keep your laptop plugged in all the time costs your laptop battery swollen. Because when you do something like that, the cells inside the battery take more current, even more than the capacity they could hold inside.

Also, this stops your laptop battery from working normally as charging and releases its power. So, you must not do that. Only charge your laptop when needed.

And when not, use the battery or turn your laptop off.

Use The Original Charger:

Never use the old, slow capacity, or cheap charger to charge your laptop. Because it will never give you the same current, your original charger could give to it.

Therefore, using the original charger will always keep your battery protected, safe, and secured no matter what.  

What To Do With The Swollen Laptop Battery?

Suppose your battery has been swollen, and you already know about it. What will you do then? Obviously, it will be time to replace it with the new one.

Just plug out that swollen battery from the inside of your laptop and then fix a new one.

The swollen removable battery can be thrown into the dustbin or totally recycled because it will not be used for now.

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Final Thoughts:

You probably have the best idea about is a swollen laptop battery dangerous if you have read this post till this end. And yes, it is not safe to keep such a thing inside your machine anymore when it is not working.

The only thing it can provide to your laptop is the damage. And the damage is sudden as it could happen anytime without your knowledge at all.

So, you must be very careful at using something like this in this regard. But on the first call, you should never use a battery that has already swollen.

In the end, if you are interested to read more topics, visit our how-to guide. Keep visiting, keep getting more knowledge. May the blessings be on your way!

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