How To Charge Laptop Without Charger And Power Bank?

It is not a myth or a mystery that you cannot charge your laptop without a charger. There are several ways you can empower the battery of your most important asset. However, you should always know what tools are best for it and use them also. To add more, we all know that a laptop can be charged using its charger or a power bank. However, what if you don’t find both? What will you do then? Therefore, here I will teach you how to charge a laptop without a charger and power bank. And all I need is your attention, focus, and consistency.

So, get yourself paced with me till the end, and you will learn different methods to charge your laptop in case you don’t have the charger as well as a power bank.


Let’s take a look.

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Most Specific Ways To Charge Your Laptop:

The best ways you can use for charging your laptop are given as follows:

Charging Your Laptop With Its Original Charger:

Yes, it is indeed a truth that your laptop comes with its original charger, and it is the best tool you can use for charging the battery of your laptop.


With this, all you do is insert the charging port into your laptop charging port and plug the other side into the socket wall. You will see that your laptop will start charging.

However, sometimes, it could happen that you don’t find your charger around you. It includes forgetting your charger at the home while heading towards the office.

Or it might get faulty due to any reason and not charging anymore.


Therefore, you should always have the information related to all the alternatives you can use for charging your laptop in this way.

Charging Your Laptop Using A Power Bank:

Suppose you don’t find the original charger around you, and at that time, the best option you can use is the power bank.

A power bank can be pre-charged and used to charge other devices like mobile phone batteries, laptop batteries, and much more.

Therefore, you can use this power bank to charge your laptop.

In this case, you need to use a USB cable. And connect it with your laptop as well as the power bank. It will start charging your laptop without any problem.

But just in case you don’t find the power bank and the charger around you, you may end up not charging your laptop.

However, I have chosen some best methods that would help you charge your laptop without a power bank and a laptop charger. Let’s take a look!

Use Your Car Battery To Charge Your Laptop:

If the power bank cannot be managed. And you don’t have a laptop charger, using your Car battery to charge your laptop will be the right thing.

For this, you can use an Inverter to connect your laptop with its battery. You can buy this inverter from an online store like Amazon or any nearby local computer store.

It will provide you with enough and the needed current to charge your laptop through your car.

Use Any USB Type C Adapter To Charge Your Laptop:

Suppose you don’t set a charged battery for charging your laptop, and neither do you have the power bank. You can still charge your laptop battery. For this, you can use a USB Type C Adapter that would provide you with the needed power to complete the charging.

Besides using Type-A Adapter, a USB Type C usually uses a small and oval-shaped connecter design that is more powerful than any ordinary charger.

Considering a USB Type C adapter always works like using a Power bank. But the difference you will observe is that you will have to connect this adapter with the power source. On the other side, a power bank can be pre-charged and doesn’t need electricity on the spot.

Moreover, a USB Type C Adapter also provides an automatic shutting off feature that shuts off by itself when the charging is completed. So, using this would be efficient as well as safer.

Charging Your Laptop With A Universal Charger:

A Universal Charger is also the best option for charging your laptop, just if you don’t find a power bank and the official charger. You can use it to provide power to your laptop and bring it back to life.

Using a Universal Charger is just like giving your laptop power from its original charger. Because a charger like this comes with interchangeable tips and supports different laptops, you can charge any laptop using the dedicated tip and make it work in the best way you want to.

Therefore, buy a universal charger from any online store or a nearby local computer store and use it for charging your laptop. You will be able to solve the charging problem of your laptop in this way. So, go for it and make it possible.

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Final Thoughts:

I hope you liked reading about some different methods that can be used when you don’t have a charger and a power bank to charge your laptop. And I do know that it is completely known to you how to charge laptop without charger and power bank if you have followed me till this end. You can use any of these methods and make your lives easier.

So, use them and bring peace plus power to your laptop. However, if any of these don’t worry, which is quite impossible, you can consult me through the comment box.

So, this was all for today. And if you really love reading, you can share the information with those who need it. Thanks for reading. Have a nice day.

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