Can I Charge My Dell Laptop With USB-C? | What To Know?

Sometimes, we have to use the alternatives when we don’t get the exact method for applying something. It could include something like charging your laptop without having a charger. What if you are looking for an answer to the question, “can I charge my Dell laptop with USB-C,” Or not? Well, if something like that has brought you here, you should consider yourself in the best place because your query is going to be answered.

In this regard, pay your focus, full attention and give your best regarding reading this detailed post on can I charge my dell laptop with USB-C or not.


If you do that, I will provide you with enough reasons whether you can charge it. Let’s get started!

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Is It Possible To Charge Your Dell Laptop Without A Charger?

It is very well known that laptops are to be charged with their original chargers. Because in this way, charging is faster, safer, and more reliable.

However, sometimes, we may not find the original charger of a laptop, and that becomes a hazard for us to charge it so that we can work.


No problem that you can easily and quickly charge your dell laptop without a charger or the addition you are looking for, such as USB-C.

It will provide you with enough charging for your laptop. However, you will have to learn the straightaway method for charging your dell laptop using a USB-C.

Hence, if you have considered looking for something like that, please be patient and keep reading because I am here to solve your query and provide you with a relative solution.


Can I Charge My Dell Laptop With USB-C?

The answer is always gonna be Yes if you are to charge your Dell laptop with the USB type c functionality, you are good to do that.

Because I am gonna teach you how this happens. Therefore, keep reading because I will explain charging the Dell laptop with USB-C through some easiest steps. Please take a look!

How To Charge Dell Laptop With USB Type C?

In this procedure, you will have to make certain things possible, and you will have to do it exactly the same way I am going to tell you.

Just be with me; follow the procedure, and you will end up charging the dell laptop using a Type-C charger or feature.

Step 1: Confirm That Your Laptop Has A USB Type C Port:

If you want to charge your dell laptop using a USB type c connectivity, you will have to make sure first whether your dell laptop has the dedicated port for it or not. Previously, USB type C ports were not added to Dell laptops.

But these days, these ports are common. Because they are faster for charging and data transmission as well as work for a longer period.

In this case, if you have a dell laptop, look for any USB type C port. And make sure that you have it already before going any further into this procedure.

The charging is only possible when you find a USB type C port with your dell laptop. Otherwise, there is no concern and no option. You can try charging your laptop using C.

So, if you have the USB type C port with your laptop, the next step comes as follows.

Step 2: Finding The USB Type C Adapter:

In this case, charging through the USB type C can either be done by using a USB type C original Charger of your laptop, or you can try using a power bank.

If you don’t have the original charger for charging it, you can consider the second option. And use the power bank with USB type C connectivity for putting life in your brand-new machine.

Therefore, you need to have a power bank of good voltage so that you can charge the laptop with it.

Step 3: Choosing The Power Adapter:

While browsing online or looking by yourself in the market, you may find multiple options of power banks with USB type C connections.

However, which one is best to choose? Which one will easily be able to charge your laptop? Which one will have more power so that it should be enough for your laptop to get charged?

These are a couple of questions you would like to ask yourself whenever you choose a power adapter for charging your laptop.

In this case, you can have 2 adapters for charging your device from Dell, say XPS 9365 through thunderbolt or USB type C.

These include a Dell Docking Station that works like a big double power brick device. And the second device uses the Apple USB-C Charger that comes in 30 Watts.

Besides this, you can also use the Dell USB-C Power Adapter Plus, which comes in 90 watts. Using this, you can not only charge your dell laptop. But you can also charge other devices such as your mobiles or tablets.

Step 4: Charging Your Dell Laptop:

If you have got the desired power bank and still longing to charge the laptop with USB-C, you just need to use this power bank, turn it on and plug it inside the laptop. The laptop will start charging when you make that connectivity.

Once the charge of the laptop gets full, you can remove the power bank and use it again for charging something else.

Successfully, through this way, you will be able to charge your Dell Laptop by using the Type-C port. It is simple and easier.

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Final Thoughts:

In this way, you can learn about all you need to do regarding “Can I Charge My Dell Laptop With USB-C.” Therefore, you can follow the steps described above, and you can charge the laptop in this way. However, if you have queries to ask, please use the comment box and let me know.

Moreover, keep visiting for the latest queries related to laptops and tech. Keep reading and stay updated. Have a nice day!

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